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Roblox 'Stranger Things' Event Promo Codes: How To Get Rats, Mall Outfit, Bike, Cap and More

Roblox 'Stranger Things' Event Promo Codes: Find Rats, Mall Outfit, Bike, Cap and More

Stranger Things 3 will release on Netflix July 4 and in honor of the upcoming season, Roblox has launched a special Stranger Things event. It is sponsored by the show, Stranger Things. The event began on April 16, 2021.

Roblox 'Stranger Things' Event Promo Codes How To Get Rats, Mall Outfit, Bike, Cap and More

In Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall, players will roam the Starcourt Mall to complete daily challenges and earn Stranger Things-related Avatar items.

Starcourt Mall is coming to Roblox! You'll be able to complete daily quests, ascend the daily leaderboard, and earn coins to exchange for Stranger Things-themed avatar items (yet to be revealed). 

The main purpose for the game is to define the Starcourt Mall world in-game and complete quests the character gives to the player for Star Coins. They can also be purchased with Robux.

The four games to earn these exclusive rewards are:

  1. Hawkins Lab Escape (5 vs. 1 Multiplayer)
  2. Dueling Dice (1-2 Players)
  3. Hi-Score Slingshot (1 Player)
  4. Delivery Dash (1 Player)
However, there is no release date for the Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall Roblox experience, nor for the confirmed upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things on Netflix. In addition, the upcoming fourth season of the American science fiction horror television series Stranger Things, titled Stranger Things 4, was announced by Netflix in September 2019.

Roblox Stranger Things Promo Code #1 - How To Unscramble The Letters and Get The Flayed Rats Item

The first puzzle released on July 1, features the iconic alphabet wall devised by Will's mother Joyce Byers (Winonna Ryder) in Season 1
  • Clue: G E M I F E I T E N D
  • Promo Code Solution: FEEDING TIME

Roblox Stranger Things Promo Code #2 - How To Get Eleven's Mall Outfit

  • Facebook Clue: An image of High Scores on a Video Game machine.
  • Twitter Clue #1 - There are great stores (328) at the MALL
  • Twitter Clue #2 - STAR light shines at night (095)
  • Twitter Clue #3 - The Judge (219) is in the COURT Room
  • Twitter Clue #4 - That outfit (298) is back in STYLE
  • Instagram Clue: MadMax's score on the machine is 92,314. If you leave off the nine, the last four digits are the order you enter the Twitter clue words.
  • Promo Code for Eleven's Mall Outfit: STARCOURTMALLSTYLE

Roblox Stranger Things Promo Code #3 - How To Get Mike's Bike

  • Promo Code for Mike's Bike: RETROCRUISER

Roblox Stranger Things Promo Code #4 - How To Get Dustin's 'Camp Know Where' Cap

  • Promo Code for Dustin's 'Camp Know Where' Cap: HAPPYCAMPER
UPDATE: The Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall event game is now open as a soft-launch, along with a few obtainable accessories!

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