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Roblox Evelyn: Walkthrough and Explained Guide

Roblox Evelyn: Walkthrough and Explained Guide

Evelyn is a story that revolves around horror game. It was created by Alluzive. The game is set in the year 1921 and the player plays as a detective solving puzzles, finding keys and solving mysteries. It has caught the attention of many players because of its immersive atmosphere and story. It puts you in the shoes of a detective who investigates the sudden death of Evelyn, a 13-year-old girl.

Roblox Evelyn: Walkthrough and Explained Guide

Roblox Evelyn Complete Walkthrough

You are a detective for the police in 1921. Can you figure out what happened to Evelyn? Complete puzzles, find keys, solve the mystery. 

Alert: The game has just been released so there are still few issues that need to be fixed.

Roblox Evelyn Explained

When Evelyn is spawned, she will start walking towards the nearest player until she is able to detect them. Once she is able to detect the player, she'll start to run at the player. While Evelyn doesn't run very fast, being slower than the player's sprinting speed, she will use her Uzi to rapidly shoot at the player once she manages to get into shooting range. Due to the quick attack speed, each bullet doesn't do much damage.

The Kitchen

After the beginning dialogue with Evelyn's parents, you will lead in an old house, the one in which Evelyn died. Once you are in the main hall:

  • Enter the room and go to your left
  • Then enter the first door to your right
  • Pick a pie under the gas stove
  • Keep it in Evelyn's place at the dinner table
  • Take a sink plug from the cupboard next to the dinner table
  • Plug the leaking sink
  • Pick up a bathroom key from the broken glass on the floor

The Bathroom

If you've done everything right, you should have your first encounter with the ghost. Afterward:

  • Get out from the room and turn right
  • Roll upstairs
  • Get in the first door to your right using your key
  • Now get hold of a yellow toothbrush from the cupboard under the sink
  • Lay down the blue towel on the floor
  • take up a blue toothbrush from the floor
  • Open the toilet cover and pick up a pink toothbrush
  • Put all three toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder at the sink

Main Bedroom

Now you can pick up the key to the main bedroom near the bathroom entrance. Now:

  • Pull out of the bathroom and turn right
  • Then get in the first door to your left using the key
  • Open the wardrobe (2nd ghost encounter)
  • Take a small statue of an angel from the floor
  • Put an angel into a box on the table opposite of the wardrobe
  • Take the safe handle from the box
  • Put the safe handle in the box at the mirror

The Bedroom

Take the bedroom key from the same box by the mirror and:

  • get out from the main bedroom and turn left
  • Open the bedroom door in front using the key
  • Take a handle from the case in the corner
  • slot the handle into the door of the doll house

The Lounge

The key to the lounge is inside the dollhouse. Pick it up, and leave the bedroom. This will activate the third encounter with the ghost. Now:

  • Revert to the downstairs
  • Go in for the first door to your right using the key
  • Interact with the family portrait hanging on the wall
  • It will drop revealing the button
  • Click it
  • Enter the secret passage inside the fireplace

Use the following sequnce to open the door: snowflake -> star -> plus sign -> dots

  • Talk with the doll inside the hidden chamber, and pick up the red jewel to finish the game.

Evelyn Trivia

  • Evelyn will often miss her shots, making it take longer for her to effectively kill players.
  • If Evelyn somehow gets on top of a player, then Evelyn won't be able to do damage to that player.
  • In Version 1.20.0 (April Fools 2021) Evelyn was renamed to "Girl with gun."

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