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Egg Farm Simulator Codes June 2021

Egg Farm Simulator Codes June 2021

Egg Farm Simulator is one of the most popular Roblox games out there. This guide contains the most updated Egg Farm Simulator Codes available. If you love Egg Farm Simulator, you will love these freebies, updated list with every code and free reward you can claim. Scroll down below for a complete list of Roblox Egg Farm Simulator Codes June 2021 that you can redeem today. These updated and tested codes can be used to unlock free rewards and other in-game items.

Egg Farm Simulator Codes

Egg Farm Simulator Codes (Updated)

Here is the list of new code that currently available:

  • 1mil: Rainbow Bunny
  • Pure: Pure Dominus Legendary Pet
  • 2020: Rainbow Snow Angel
  • 28Mil: Goblin Dominus
  • 666: Sinister Stack
  • 6mil: Shiny Party Bunny
  • Angel: Angel Dominus
  • Beach: Rainbow Dog
  • Bolt: Green Shock Dominus
  • Boo: Magma Matter
  • Boost: 5x boost for eggs, coins, luck, and gems
  • Bot: Glitch bot
  • Cat: Ninja Cat
  • Comet: Galaxy Pirate
  • Crab: Super Crab
  • Crystal: Crystal Valk
  • Cyber: Cyber pet
  • Disco: Disco Sun
  • Electro: Electro Demon Dominus
  • Fall: Thankful Duck
  • Feast: Ducky Dominus
  • Free: Mythical Demon Dominus
  • Galaxy: Galaxy Unicorn
  • Gem: 1000 Gems
  • Giant: Giant Unicorn
  • Gold: Mythical Golden Dominus
  • Golden: Golden Mouse
  • Grad: Diploma Dog
  • Jelly: Jellyfish
  • Jen: Sparkle Note Trio
  • July: Mythical Fireworks
  • Lazer: Lazer Dominus
  • Magic: Plasma Wizard
  • Mega: Mega Dominus
  • Moon: Radioactive Alien
  • Mythical: Mythical Candy Dominus
  • Patriot: Patriot Puppy
  • Premium: Gold Dominus
  • Present: Rainbow Deer
  • Rainbow: Rainbow Demon Dominus
  • Red: Code Red
  • Robzi: Robzi Robot
  • Santa: Rainbow Santa Dog
  • Scary: Robot Overlord
  • Sinister: Triple Sinister
  • Slime: Slime Dominus
  • Snow: Rainbow Knight
  • Spooky: Pumpkin King
  • Star: Galaxy Genie
  • Stick: Magic Glow Stick
  • Sun: Sleepy Sun
  • Tesla: Tesla Dominus
  • USA: Patriot Puppy
  • ULTRA: Ultra Red Dominus Pet
  • Zombie: Zombie Sinister
  • Boo: Ghost Dominus
  • Spooky: Pumpkin King
  • Ninja: Ninja Unicord
  • Star: Galacy Genie
  • Moon: Radioactive Alien
  • Comet: Galaxy Pirate
  • 6mil: Shiny Party Bunny
  • Alien Alien Grunt
  • NEWYEAR: Triple Threat

Egg Farm Simulator Codes (Expired)

Here is the list of expired code that currently available:

  • None

How to redeem Egg Farm Simulator Codes

The way to redeem the code is very simple:
  • Open Egg Farm Simulator Codes
  • Simply click on the redeem button which appeared on your screen
  • Enter your code correctly
  • Redeem your code 
  • Receive your rewards and enjoy.

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