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Hunter x Hunter season 5 Netflix Release Date, Streaming Platform & Story Explained

Hunter x Hunter season 5 Netflix Release Date, Streaming Platform & Story Explained 

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It is a stroy about a young boy aspires to be the world's greatest hunter. All the while, he embarks to find his father, whom he scarcely remembers. Moreover, the series has been a huge critical and financial success and has become one of Shueisha's best-selling manga series, having over 78 million copies in circulation as of November 2019.

Hunter x Hunter season 5 Netflix Release Date, Streaming Platform & Story Explained

Hunter x Hunter season 5 Release Date 2021

What is the release date of Hunter x Hunter season 5? Netflix never fails to offer its subscribers compelling anime properties, and it shows little signs of slowing down. Some of these exceptional titles include Kakegurui, The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited, Castlevania and many more. Talking about Hunter x Hunter season 5 Release Date, there’s no waiting necessary. While the series itself has been on a hiatus for several years, the season you’re looking for is already finished. Unfortunately, however, it is not on Netflix. We do not know when, or in the event, season 5 of Hunter x Hunter will be making its way to the streamer.

Hunter X Hunter Season 5 Streaming Platform

Where To Stream Hunter X Hunter Season 5? According to sources, Hunter’s story is present on HBO Max to stream, though the series is not divided into seasons as it’s on Netflix. Die hearts fans of Hunter x Hunter may also expect to complete the action-adventure anime on HBO Max. While season 6, also referred to as the Election Arc, isn’t the official ending of the series, it’s the point where the anime has ceased for now.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 5 Story

What is the story of Hunter X Hunter Season 5? The story follows a young boy named Gon Freecss, who was told all his life that both his parents were dead. But when he learns from Kite, an apprentice of his father Ging Freecss, that he is still alive and has since become an accomplished Hunter, Gon leaves his home on Whale Island to take the Hunter Examination in order to become a Hunter like him.

Hunter x Hunter season 5 Trivia

  • Hunter x Hunter's Author Yoshihiro Togashi explained that one of his hobbies was collecting objects of all sorts.
  • So he was inspired to create a manga involving collecting titled "Hunter".
  • He came up with the final name Hunter × Hunter while watching the television variety show Downtown.
  • Hunter × Hunter was adapted into a 62-episode anime television series produced by Nippon Animation. 

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