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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Guide, Walkthrough

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Guide, Walkthrough

This is a complete Walkthroughs, Guides, Unlockables, Tips, Tricks, Secrets for Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition. Combo tutorial for Yuri, Estelle, Judith, Repede, Carol, Rita, Raven and new character Flynn. They also have a guide for infinitive yuri combo, a unique characteristic for Tales of Vesperia.

Tales of Vesperia Walkthrough

Our guide to Tales of Vesperia contains all the information thanks to which you will complete the game, find all secrets, and unlock the platinum trophy. The detailed walkthrough is the most important part of this guide. It focuses on the main objectives, describes where to go, and includes tips on how to deal with the enemies. We have also prepared separate pages for solutions to more extensive puzzles and strategies for the boss fights. These parts of the game can cause problems for some players.

Tales of Zestiria Guide and Walkthrough

Tales of Vesperia : Beginner's tips

  • Power of Holy Bottles : For a cheap 300 Gald a Bottle, you can use this to bypass all random battles on the field. However, stay too close to an enemy for 4 seconds straight and you'll go into a battle with them. An enemy that fully blocks your path can't be bypassed, you'll have to fight them.
  • Easy Mode : This guide is played on easy mode. Playing on Normal or Hard will not give you any benefits, except a personal challenge.
  • No Good Boss Strategies : Since this is played on easy mode, there are no suggestions in terms of how to defeat the bosses. I will give general tips if I feel the need.
  • Monster Collector and Item Collector : There's title given for both categories. This process starts at the beginning of the game regardless if you have the actual thing or not. Data for these are transfered into EX New Game.
  • Do Not Sell Weapons and Sub Weapons : In this game, weapons and sub weapons are needed for each character to learn skills. Synthesis also requires these. So pay close attention because you might not have learned all of those before creating the new weapon. Even if the weapon don't teach you skills, don't sell them or you will regret it. You can sell all other equipment though.
  • Learn from Tutorials : A lot people skip them, but you do learn a lot from them.

Tales of Vesperia: All collectibles

  • Items Found In Area: Wonder Log  Magic Lens, 100 Gald, Magic Lens, Prison Key, Apple Gel, Magic Lens, Holy Bottle, Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Cape, Egg, Life Bottle, 200 Gald, Orange Gel, Apple Gel, Holy Bottle, Life Bottle, Orange Gel, Apple Gel
  • Items (Sewers) and Beyond: Life Bottle, Magic Lens, Apple Gel, Holy Bottle, 200 Gald, 150 Gald, Orange Gel, Orange Gel, Orange Gel x4, Melange Gel x4, Life Bottle x4, Bread x4, Egg x2, 500 Gald

Tales of Vesperia Guide and Walkthrough

The Actual Grade Grinding Process

With everything else that is stated previously and taken into consideration, you should be using Rita with Tidal Wave set up. Encounter the battle with the 4 Warhogs.
  • As soon as the battle starts, double check to see that the Battle Sequence is indeed turned on and working.
  • Over Limit Rita and cast Tidal Wave constantly.
  • If the Over Limit Bar is about to run out, keep on hitting the Over Limit button to make sure that Rita stay in Over Limit form.
  • What does concern you in regards of how much Grade you get, depends on how long you do it before quitting, and saving. I suggest no more than 20 minutes. You could be doing this for 40 minutes straight or longer and get grades equal or worse than if you stopped at 15 minutes.
  • When you think you're done. FS the enemies after casting Tidal Wave. If you don't want to, you always have your AI partners destroy them for you, but you would need to mess with their stuff, and taking damage in battle also gives you a deduction in Grade. Your choice.

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