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Tales of Zestiria Walkthrough and Complete Guide

Tales of Zestiria Walkthrough and Complete Guide

Tales of Zestiria is the manga adaptation of the bestselling Japanese RPG, released in English for the first time. This game is revolve around, Sorey is a human boy who has lived all his life in The Divine Forest, side-by-side with heavenly, but secretive creatures known as Seraphim, which includes his best friend Mikleo. While investigating the old ruins near their home for Seraphim lore, they meet a young woman named Alisha, a knight seeking answers to the calamities drawing their world to ruin. Upon learning that the Seraphim may have a connection to the destruction, Sorey decides it’s time to leave The Divine Forest. With Mikleo and Alisha at his side, Sorey will seek out the truth behind the catastrophes―and discover his own hidden powers in the process.

Tales of Zestiria Walkthrough

This guide is to help you complete Tales of Zestiria with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. It will cover all treasures, sidequests, sub events, skits, boss strategies, and a full trophy guide. This walkthrough also have few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

Tales of Vesperia Guide and Walkthrough

Tales of Zestiria Walkthrough

  1. Upon starting up the game you will be asked to select a language
  2. Then you'll have to confirm your Options settings
  3. Note that these settings can be changed at any time from the game menu, including the difficulty, so don't feel obligated to make the perfect selections if you aren't sure. 
  4. Once you have confirmed your Options that game will introduce you to the story of the Shepherd legend through a cutscene.

Tales of Zestiria Guide and Walkthrough

Tales of Zestiria Prologue

  • Mt. Mabinogio Ruins : After the into cutscene you'll get a quick overview of the controls, but you shouldn't have very much trouble with them if you've played a JRPG before. Control the unknown boy around the circular paths until you reach a small set of steps near the objective marker and make your way to the mural for another scene. The boy, named Sorey, and his friend, Mikleo, discuss the nature of the mural and then decide to move on when thunder begins to rumble. You can choose to follow Mikleo to continue to another scene or head back the way you came, but the road will quickly crumble and you'll be forced to head the other way. After entering the lower section of the ruins you'll now have the ability to check your Menu and learn valuable information through the in-game tutorials. In addition, anytime you have another character following you on the map you can speak to them for additional dialogue or hints as to where to go next in the game.
  • Elysia, Home of the Seraphim : After another scene you'll be on your way to the town, but rather than head straight for it you'll want to take the scenic route to collect the many treasures in this area. Start by heading around to the north side of the ruins' entrance to spot another Monolith and then check the northwest corner, to the left of the large boulder, for another Life Bottle. If you circle around the boulder you can find a Saffron in the grass and then you'll want to head down the steps to the east by backtracking a bit. After another long scene, which goes well into the middle of the night, you'll gather your belongings and can leave the village toward the south exit for another scene. This will end the prologue section of the game and you'll be able to finally view the intro to the game.

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