OMORI| Where to find Hector

OMORI| Where to find Hector

This guide will let you find Hector the pet rock in Omori. As you're already aware psychological horror game. Kel loses Hector as he climbs the ladder to Otherworld when he tumbles out of his pocket. Hector played his part in the Vast Forest, when Kel sent him a few feet to find Basil. Hector becomes lost when Basil's search leads them to The Otherworld.

Where to find Hector the pet rock?

Where to find Hector| OMORI

Hector is located at the Orange Oasis. You must go to Dino’s Dig and play the mini game. You will find a single spot that you can dig in the upper right corner. To find Hector, dig here.

Where to find Hector| OMORI

Who is Hector the pet rock?

Hector is a grey-coloured rock with two eyes, and a mouth. The right eye of Hector is slightly higher than the one on his left. He is a minor character but is given a dialogue portrait.

Kel temporarily loses Hector JR, but Hector is still friendly towards him. Kel is trusted by Hector JR's father, and he has complete faith in him.


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