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Twitch Logs: How To Check Twitch Chat Logs: Complete Guide

Twitch Logs: How To Check Twitch Chat Logs: Complete Guide

Do you want to know how to check Twitch chat logs? You've come to the correct spot. We'll show you a fast method for monitoring someone's Twitch chat logs in this post. I sincerely hope that this tutorial will be helpful.

Twitch Logs: How To Check Twitch Chat Logs: Complete Guide

Twitch is a popular platform among gamers and gaming enthusiasts, with over 26 million daily active users. Through chat logs, it allows users to interact with their favorite streamers. As a result, monitoring your chat logs might be beneficial if you want to observe how your audience reacts to your stream.

In this post, we'll teach you how to find someone's Twitch logs quickly. So without further ado, let's get going:

How to check someone’s Twitch logs?

In the past, it was difficult to search through Twitch logs. However, things have changed recently. There are a number of strategies for checking someone's Twitch chat logs these days.

Here's where I'll show you the greatest methods, so keep reading until you discover one that works best for you.

Using the user search command, check Twitch logs:

This technique will be your best shot at reading chat logs for a particular user. This approach entails utilizing the user search function available on Twitch to get access to a variety of useful information about that specific person.

This data includes details such as:

  • The number of discussions/comments that the user has posted on your channel.
  • When was the user's account created?
  • How many times has this user been banned from your channel?
  • How many times has this user timed out in your chat?
  • What sort of remarks/communications has the user left on your channel?

All you have to do is type /user followed by the user's usern name into your Twitch chat, and you'll be able to access all of the information listed above.

This approach, on the other hand, does not allow you to read comments deleted by moderators. This is the only drawback of this technique, but it's also simple to use, so I recommend giving it a try before moving on to any of the following strategies.

Review VODs

Twitch's chat recording feature, which was recently added to VODs, makes it easier than ever before to observe comments from viewers on your past broadcasts. All remarks are represented here, even those that moderators have erased.

You may check the timestamp at which the moderator punishes a specific user using the user search method. Then you may go to that date to look at that person's chat and reconsider whether or not you should maintain your ban.

The major drawback of this technique is that all the recordings are only accessible for two weeks. That implies you won't be able to rewatch your stream recording after two weeks have passed since the day it was recorded.

Another disadvantage is that if you can't discover the precise timestamp, you'll have to scan the whole video to see when that remark was posted.

Check Twitch logs using a third-party program

Many streamers prefer utilizing third-party applications to keep an eye on chats since the first two official methods aren't enough. These third-party tools not only show you deleted and removed conversations, but they also allow you to save chat logs for future review.

Chatty is one of the most popular tools. Chatty is a free Java-based chat software with a variety of features to assist streamers and moderators monitor comments left on a stream.

It's a really nice software that works well and is highly praised by many folks. It has a very clean user experience. Unfortunately, the user interface appears to have been influenced by IRC clients, resulting in a little learning curve. However, once you get used to it, it may be the ideal option for you.

Chatty may be found as a downloadable Android app. It's possible to send and receive text messages from this software, but it doesn't save your conversations by default. After some time, Chatty will delete older communications. However, you may customize the program to meet your needs. You can also use Chatty to ban or timeout individuals, read the most recent copies of each user, run commercials, set the stream title, track live viewers, and much more.

Using a Chatbot Check Twitch logs

Another simple approach to quickly browse someone's chat history is to utilize a chatbot. If you're unfamiliar with chatbots, the automated software may help you manage your conversation in a number of ways. Many chatbots also allow you to add extra features such as song requests, giveaways, timers, and more.

Nightbot is one of my all-time favorite Twitch chatbots. With the aid of Nightbot's popular spam detection algorithm, you may automatically fill in the gaps in your filters with a stroke of a button. You can also use the command feature to respond to recurring questions or share promotional links using dynamic responses.

However, the most useful function of Nightbot is chat logs. This feature gives you fully searchable chat logs that explain why and when a message was deleted, as well as how a user was banned. As a result, if you want to take your Twitch channel to the next level or keep an eye on chat logs, using a chatbot may be beneficial.

Access Twitch logs via Moderator view

Twitch channel moderators have access to individual users' chat logs, but you must utilize the Moderator View option to do so. To switch to Mod View, click the sword icon from the lower right corner of your display screen.

To access the Moderator View, go to a channel and select "Login as a moderator." You will be taken to the Chat Logs page, which contains all of the chat logs for that particular user. To find out more about a specific user, simply click their name; it will bring up their entire chat history on your screen. You may also read other pertinent information such as how many times they have been banned or timed out from your channel by scrolling down.

You may also read through the user's previous moderator comments about the ban, time out, or complaint. This can assist you in reconsidering the ban for that individual.

By Downloading Twitch Chat Logs

Third-party apps like Chatty and many others let you save Twitch logs locally so that you can look at them later. Even for this purpose, I recommend using Chatty as I am using it, and it works well for me. If you want to go looking for additional Chatty alternatives on the internet, though, you'll find a plethora of them.

The greatest benefit of archiving chat logs offline is that it lets you go around the in-program restrictions and keep a record of as many conversations as desired. If your streams have a large number of followers, this is really fantastic. Chatty also provides emotes, Badges, color nuances for users' usernames, and other features to make things easier to read and understand.

On the other hand, there are so many comparable tools and chatbots available on the internet that perform the same purpose. As a result, I recommend you investigate what tool is most suitable for your needs and if you're unsure, go with Chatty.

How to see chat logs for other channels?

OverRustle Logs was a website that used to maintain a database of chats from all channels, with the exception of private ones.

This was an excellent technique to examine someone's chat logs even as a viewer. However, performing so goes against Twitch's data sharing policies, and as a result, Twitch's legal team took down OverRustle Logs in May 2020.

Since then, no one has been able to look through other individuals' chat logs. Chat logs are only accessible by the streamer and channel moderators.

The bottom line

So, this was a thorough explanation of how to check someone else's Twitch chat logs. Studying Twitch techniques is an excellent method to figure out your audience's interests, keep track of bans, and enhance your overall channel.

It becomes really simple for moderators or streamers to maintain track of chat logs if they use this method. There is no way to access Twitch chat logs as a viewer because the only trustworthy source, OverRustle Logs, has been shutdown officially.

If you find a method to view someone's chat logs as a viewer, please let us know in the comments section below. We'll try to include that information in this article so that other readers may benefit from it.

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