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El Marginal season 5 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and Update

El Marginal season 5 release date, cast, synopsis and update

El Marginal debuted on Netflix in October 2016, and the Argentine series quickly gained a worldwide following as it chronicled the adventures of two cops who go against all odds to capture one of their own.

El Marginal season 5 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and Update

The film is an adaptation of the popular series "Temporada" which aired on Canal 13 in Argentina. Juan Minujín plays former police officer Miguel Palacios, who goes undercover as a prisoner at San Onofre to join a gang and get information on a kidnapping, but things take a turn for the worse when he finds himself trapped inside the prison with no way out.

Since 2019, the Sebastian Ortega-created series has not had a new season premiere, but things are changing this year, as the successful Argentinian program is returning in 2022! Some fans are already anticipating the new season's debut on Jan.19, and some are wondering if there will be any news about an El Marginal season 5 in the near future. So without further ado, here's everything we know about the fifth chapter of the prison drama.

How many seasons of El Marginal are there?

There are three seasons of El Marginal presently available on Netflix, but with the release of El Marginal season 4 on Jan. 19, this will soon change!

Will there be an El Marginal season 5?

There hasn't been an official statement about El Marginal season 5 yet, but several news outlets have reported that "the fourth will not be the last season," implying that we will surely get a fifth season of El Marginal. But when it comes to when we'll see it, there's still no telling.

El Marginal season 5 release date predictions

We won't know when the program will begin until there's more information to go on. We can't give you a specific release date because we don't know when the season will begin, so for now, a guess will have to suffice.

Season 4 will be available in January 2022, a few months later than usual, and we have a feeling there was a cause for it.

We think that given that the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed season 4 filming and left fans waiting two years for the next chapter, creators of the show could be eager to release the fifth season much sooner, perhaps even in 2022. Of course, we could be incorrect, but if a fifth season begins production in March (as it did last year for season 4), El Marginal season 5 may premiere as late as late 2022 or early 2023. We'll have to keep an eye on any official announcements.

El Marginal season 5 cast

The only cast member who has been added to the season 5 IMDb page is Pastor Juan Minujín, who plays one. Of course, we know there will be more cast members, but we'll have to edit this article when they're confirmed.

El Marginal season 5 synopsis

There is no formal synopsis available for season 5 at the moment. We anticipate that, as production begins and we get closer to its premiere, the synopsis and trailer will be released.

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