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Did the Friday Night Funkin’ creator get cancelled, or was it ‘copypasta’?

Did the Friday Night Funkin’ creator get cancelled, or was it ‘copypasta’?

In 2018, Friday Night Funkin' creator Ninjamuffin99 (Twitter: @ninja_muffin99) caused a stir with a series of tweets, and more in 2020. Meanwhile, Reddit and Twitter copypasta are making the rounds about the Friday Night Funkin' creator being "cancelled." So, what exactly did happen?

Did the Friday Night Funkin’ creator get cancelled, or was it ‘copypasta’?

Is the Friday Night Funkin’ creator cancelled?

On February 7, 2021, user @heartgummi posted several images of tweets by Friday Night Funkin' creator, Ninjamuffin99.

The article contains numerous trigger warnings, including anti-black racism, anti-semitism, transphobia and pedophilia. The main argument of the post is that the Friday Night Funkin' creator is a racist and a bigot, and that their series should be canceled.

@heartgummi’s post asks, “does no one remember that the creator of friday night funkin has said stuff like this?”. It has received thousands of retweets, quote tweets and likes.

Twitter apology and response

The same subject was also mentioned in the thread, which included a confession by Ninjamuffin99 on January 12. The apology stated: “hey i just wanna keep it real, I really am truly sorry for the dumb shitty awful s*** I said in tweets ages ago”.

“I’m sorry that I disappointed you all”, Ninjamuffin99 continued, “and whoever else looked up to not only Friday Night Funkin’ but I’m sorry to whoever looked up to me personally”.

The thread continues. "Should NOT just be receiving a slap on the wrist for it," says the user who called out the tweets, Ninjamuffin99.

To summarize, they feel the apology by Friday Night Funkin' creator Andrew Broderick does not go far enough to address the issues raised.

Other responses to Friday Night Funkin’ cancellation

YouTube gamer TheJessLyfe posted a video on 8 February called FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ WAS MADE BY A RACIST!! DO NOT ASK ME TO PLAY IT!

The video has sparked a lot of debate, with over half of respondents giving it a thumbs up and the rest giving it a thumbs down.

Meanwhile, following the news, Twitter user Quinncy Sama has issued an appeal for black creators and artists to rewrite the game's concept.

So now that everybody finding out that the creator of fnf aka Friday night funkin is racist , black creators / artists , who’s interested in remaking the game concept?

Throwing ‘copypasta’ into the mix – what are copypasta?

A "copypasta," spoken in the tone of a particularly aggressive canceller, is included amid all the individual complaints and appeals.

Many "pages" operate like this, with followers often more interested in selling their goods then the message being delivered (this is a personal issue).

This isn't harmless or ethical. It's a form of emotional manipulation that fosters unrealistic expectations among consumers about what businesses can deliver for them and how they should be treated. When businesspeople who aren't true friends try to maneuver these buyer-seller relationships away from their natural course, it's called spamming by people who aren't true friends.

A certain one has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter. While the message of those attacking Ninjamuffin99, the creator of Friday Night Funkin', aligns broadly with that of others, the responses to it might suggest otherwise.

For example, one user wrote: “this scared me until i realized it’s a copypasta”.

The passage is hosted on a subreddit dedicated to preserving copypasta, with the heading Friday Night Funkin Cancelled.

It has received a variety of replies since it debuted online at the end of the month. One person captured the ennui with which some internet users react to Twitter cancellations: "I'm fed up with Twitter; they cancel everything and I'm sick of it."

The reaction from fans was strongly positive, with many stating that the show had helped them come to terms with their anxiety. In a thread on, user mystery baguette wrote: "ninjamuffin and the friday night funkin team, you deserve a break i hope everything goes well for everyone of you in the future."

Others, on the other hand, are defending themselves by stating that they were merely in jest and that their tweets did not actually promote violence.

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