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What’s the difference between hung jury vs mistrial

What’s the difference between hung jury vs mistrial: Meaning explained for Derek Chauvin trial

What is the difference between a hung jury and a mistrial? Many individuals are interested in what the possible outcome of the Derek Chauvin case might be at the moment that the jury is considering it. Let's look at the definitions of some legal phrases.

What’s the difference between hung jury vs mistrial

What’s the difference between hung jury vs mistrial?

The phrases are distinct, yet they are also comparable. A hung jury may result in a retrial.

A hung jury occurs when there aren't enough jurors willing to vote one way or the other to reach a guilty or not guilty verdict. It is possible that the jury is “deadlocked.”

What does YKYK mean: Meaning Explained

The jury is made up of 12 individuals from a variety of ages and backgrounds. At least 10 jurors must agree on the decision. If the jury members disagree on one of the elements, it's not valid. If eight of them think that the defendant is guilty while four others feel they are not-guilty, this is unacceptable.

The jury may be asked to deliberate further by the judge, although it is uncommon for them to do so more than once or twice.

What’s the difference between a hung jury vs a mistrial?

If the jury cannot come to a conclusion after further discussion, the judge will declare a mistrial due to a hung jury at some time.

A mistrial is a trial that isn't finished because it was stopped and declared invalid before the jury could render a decision.

A mistrial may be declared for a variety of reasons, including a hung jury. Another possibility is if an attorney engaged in misconduct, such as attempting to tamper with the jury or offering them money.

What this means for the Derek Chauvin trial

The Derek Chauvin case is wrapping up, with the jury currently sequestered and deliberating on their decision.

He faces three counts of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter for the death of George Floyd.

What does it mean if there’s a mistrial in the Chauvin trial?

If a jury cannot come to a consensus on some or all of the charges, a hung jury may result in a mistrial. It's probable that Chauvin would have to go back to court on any of the counts for which the jury was unable to reach a decision.

However, if the jury was split on one charge but agreed to the others, a re-trial would not be held.

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