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Project Zomboid: Helicopter Event Survival Guide

Project Zomboid: Helicopter Event Survival Guide

The Helicopter event is a zombie attraction in Project Zomboid. Project Zomboid is well-known for its toughness, and it's not hard to see why. The game itself claims to be the finest zombie survival game, regardless of whether you play alone or with friends.

And this was done intentionally on purpose because of these events that force players to react quickly. So let us look at how to survive the Helicopter event in Project Zomboid and what it's all about in this guide.

Project Zomboid: Helicopter Event Survival Guide

How to Survive the Helicopter event in Project Zomboid

During this event, you will hear the sound of a Helicopter that attracts swarms of zombies towards you, and you will be unable to avoid them. The first thing you should do is evacuate your base so the zombies don't destroy it.

This will guarantee that it isn't destroyed, allowing you to return to utilize it later. The next step is to maintain your emergency supplies as well as a vehicle in case of an emergency. The preparedness of your base is an advantage for you.

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When the zombie hoarde comes to assail you, the only thing on your mind should be to survive. You may focus more on self-preservation since your base is being looked after. Your goal should be to reach a safe location and, if feasible, one that is secluded where you can easily confront zombies.

What is the Helicopter event?

During this occurrence, you may hear the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. The zombies are drawn to the sound of the chopper since it will fly above you and cause the undead to come to your location.

Once a player is spotted by the helicopter, it will follow them wherever they go. That means hiding in your base is not an option. In fact, it's actually the worst idea imaginable since it would incite a mob of zombies to wreak havoc on your position.

There are a few things to keep in mind about this event. The first is that it will occur at a certain point in the game. You may enable seeing it in your settings under the Metagame button.

The second thing to know is that if the helicopter goes by a player without being noticed, it will return. While the chance of another helicopter appearing is minimal, they are not zero. That covers all you need to know about the Helicopter event in Project Zomboid.

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