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RIP Cepillín: Famous Mexican TV clown dies after battle with cancer

RIP Cepillin: Fans pay tribute to clown Ricardo González Gutiérrez

Fans of Ricardo González Gutiérrez, known as "Cepillin's," were shocked to learn of his death. On 8 March 2021, Cepillin was reported to have died. We look at his career, age, and legacy.

Who was Cepillin?

Cepillin was a well-known clown, TV host, and singer. He was born on February 7, 1946, and would have been 75 years old at the time of his passing.

Cepillín: Famous Mexican TV clown dies after battle with cancer

Ricardo González Gutiérrez was his real name. Cepillin has two sons: Ricardo and Roberto.

Cepillin’s health issues

Cepillin died of spinal cancer after receiving a diagnosis.

He has been in hospital since last Tuesday, when he was hurt on the stairs of his home. The surgery to remove Cepillin's tumor revealed spinal cancer on his back.

Cepillin was scheduled to be released following his spinal operation. However, he required a second surgical intervention for heart and pneumonia issues.

Death shocks fans around the world

Fans have been paying tribute to the clown's death since news of it leaked in March 2021.

“Thank you, Cepillin, for your years of dedication and hard work; thank you for making our Mexican and Spanish childhoods so delightful, amigo.”

One person praised Cepillin: “Thank you very much for your years of effort, Cepillín; thank you for creating such a wonderful memory.”

Another wrote: “As a Hispanic this man was a big part of my childhood, his music would be played across our birthday parties, along with his performances. He had posted this a month ago, and made me reflect on my childhood. Today he passed away and I am saddened. RIP.”

Cepillin career explored

Ricardo was a dentist who decided to paint his face in order to decrease the amount of children that were afraid of him while he performed dental work.

When a local television station interviewed him, he became well-known. Cepillín released 27 long play albums with children's songs, 11 of which went gold.

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